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How to shop like a local?

OUR SHOPPING Closeness to nature and DIY culture influence Helsinki’s shopping scene. Craftsmanship becomes a trend once in every generation, and that is the time when Grandma’s tips come in handy. With self-made products or those produced by local artisans you can make sure there is quality in both the materials and the design. Upcycling, recycling and re-making are part of the culture of ecological and ethical values in today’s urban Helsinki.

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Paul Osipow Paintings, 24.5. – 19.6.2014

EXHIBITION This exhibition by Finnish artist Paul Osipow continues his examination in recent years of classic themes depicting ancient architecture. He has explored the temple ruins at Didyma and Hierapolis in Turkey and at Olympia in Greece. Osipow´s photographs of the walls, columns, decorative motifs, passages and courtyards of the temple ruins form the source material from which he outlines motifs and makes sketches. The final artworks more or less resemble their geneses: they are modified and revised, amplified and reduced.